Consultant and Coach Bio

T C Tan
Executive Coach
Mobile Phone: (65) 9229-8811

TC is an Executive Coach to senior managers in the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa region. He has worked with many individual business leaders and talents, locals as well as expatriates, in his previous organizations to enable their potential through leadership development.

Professional Expertise/Services

TC's strength is in coaching individuals in the context of organizational transitions. He has been involved in many mergers and acquisitions, and change management projects, focusing on organization redesign, coaching and building cross-cultural teams in alignment with business mission and strategies.

As a HR business partner, TC spent much of his time in coaching business leaders and mentoring talents across different cultures and countries. He helped his organizations to install talent management and leadership development processes and systems.

TC also facilitated Executive Coaching, Mentoring and Change Management workshops. He designed and installed a mentoring program for talent in China.

In addition, TC conducted Executive Coaching workshops for a Chinese EMBA program of the National University of Singapore in 2003 and 2004.

TC remains very active in community projects, especially in youth movement and programs for senior citizens. His effort in voluntary service was recognized with the National Day Award (PBM) from the President of Singapore.

TC's passion is in people development and helping leaders to succeed. With this passion, TC transits from an internal coach to a corporate executive e coach.

Recent Coaching Assignments

  • Coach to regional Director of electronics accessories business in the areas of 'inspire commitment' and 'developing others'. The coachee built a strong team who brought an annual 20% sales revenue increase for the past 2 years.

  • Coach to a Malaysian General Manager where the market was fast moving from a traditional trade model to key account management model. At the end of three months, he had reduced from a 20+ sales team to less than 10 key account managers with increased sales revenue.

  • Coach to a China business Vice President on personal development to get out of her comfort zone and relocate to another fast moving business within the company. As an outcome, she was reenergized and was given global accounts to manage.

  • Coach to a senior global product strategy and marketing manager in the area of managing top management expectations. He was able to improve his credibility and performance predictability.

Career History

Philips Electronics Singapore, Vice President, IHRM, 1998-2006
As the HR business partner for the consumer electronics division, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa region, TC focused on strategic HR, e.g. talent management, leadership development, organization development and change management. He was an internal coach for more than 10 business managers in China, India and ASEAN countries. TC also conducted coaching, mentoring and change management workshops for business managers and the talent pool in these countries.

Philips Electronics China & Hong Kong, HR Director, 1996-1998
As corporate HR service provider for the 25-business establishment and 25,000 employees in China & Hong Kong, TC focused on building HR competency, infrastructure and processes. He coached many local HR Managers in personal development, strategic thinking and change management process in their businesses.

National Semiconductor Asia Pacific, HR Director, 1986-1996
As HR business partner for the Asia Pacific region businesses, TC focused on designing and executing the 'employer-of-choice' strategy in 14 establishments in the region. He was also a member of the global HR strategic team as well as HR redesign steering committee. TC was part of the regional management team focused on realignment of the Asia Pacific region business organization to the changing market demands. He was a team member in many due diligence and M&A projects. In this role, he was also coach to several leaders on alignment.

National Semiconductor Singapore, HRM, 1975-1986
As the country HR Manager, TC had to manage all transactions, operations and strategic HR for the Singapore facilities. To support growth, TC focused on developing local talents to replace expatriates sent from California head-office.

Hong Kong Teakwood Works, HRM, 1973-1975
As a pioneer in this green-field manufacturing project, besides setting up all systems and processes in both HRM and office management, TC focused on building a local organization which successfully shipped products out of Singapore within the first year of operations.

Singapore Polymer Corporation, HR Officer, 1971-1973
With a chemical engineering background, it was easy for TC to work with the start-up team to install an organization to manage this round-the-clock chemical process plant.

Education and Professional Affiliations

  • Graduate of Corporate Coach U Inc.
  • MA (HRD) in Education, George Washington University
  • BSc, University of Singapore
  • Lecturer, National University of Singapore Chinese EMBA program